Thursday, January 17, 2013


I figured I would write on my Blog while I sit on hold with the insurance company. I am sure I will have enough time to write a novel with how they get back to you. I have already done my first bout with hold and now have been transferred to another department and am once again in the cue.

So you ask why am I on hold. Here is the story. Last May/June my son had two stays in the hospital for his fight with infection after his appendix burst. They finally waited until late September to get the bulk of the bills to us. After sorting through them I have been paying them slowly. I set up payment arrangements and the hospital still sent us into collections because they were suppose to combine all the many bills into one and oops forgot one. I then spent 6 weeks trying to have this taken care of and nothing was done until I called the public affairs line of the hospital and threatened to call local news agencies. Amazing how that day they finally returned my call.

Now I sit on hold because my Healthcare account which is my husbands hard earned money put away pretax for these expenses is not working and still has our money in the account. As I am going through my third hold now I have hopes that some day I will be able to get back to my real job of caring for my children instead of wading through medical bill. I am so looking forward to Obama Care making this easier for me in the future (note the dripping sarcasm here).

well finally resolved and yes I have hopes it will only take one or two more calls to get money we are actually entitled to to pay our bills to the correct place.

Thank you government bureaucracy.

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  1. Yes didn't you know that Obamacare will save the world? Because it will. In bizarro world it will. Not one person I know who have been uninsured due to cost will even be able to afford this Obamacare. What a waste of paper that "program" is.

    On a postive note I hope all that accounting works out and you can be done with that hospital bill.