Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Florida 2012 - Post 1

Well a bit late but here it is anyway. Our trip to Florida 2012.  This year I thought I would document my new packing process. We have done away with bags/suitcases for the kids in lieu of bins. We use the bins we already have to organize the boys room so there is no extra expense. Bonus I get to reorganize the boys when we return. I photographed the process for all my friends who want to know how I pack for 8 children on a two week trip. Remember we always have access to washer and dryer when we travel.

Picture one and two of my bed with clothes for 8 kids. We also need to pack for multiple climates since the temperature can range from the 30's to the 80's while we are there. In the past we have experienced both and did again this time.

Now it is time to put them in the bins. The bins are great for many reasons one of which is they are clear and the other is the van has so many placing we can stow them. The baby and the oldest get larger bins so they can get the socks and other mutually shared items between the kids.

After two weeks these containers came back and it was great since we kept up with the laundry the bins just went to their rooms and some of them even put their clothes away. I think this will be our new way to travel.

The canvas bag was travel clothes for the little ones in the car, extra changes of things that will be needed during the non-stop drive to the Keys. Happy to report we made it the fastest we ever have in 18 hours with no traffic. We were able to make the town pre -Thanksgiving luncheon so Grandma and Pop Pop could introduce us to all of their friends at town hall in Key Colony Beach.

Next post will be our visit in the keys.

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