Saturday, January 5, 2013

Florida 2012 - Post 2

We arrived in Key Colony Beach at noon on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for lunch at city hall with Grandma and Pop Pop and all their friends.

A couple of the kids went to the beach with Grandma and within minutes fully clothed were in the ocean. Remember no matter what the temperature some kids will end up in the water when they see it.

We celebrated M7's belated birthday and had yummy brownies.

Some of us woke early on Thanksgiving to go to morning Mass and they even allowed the boys to serve the Mass. Matthew and Michael love guest serving.

We spent Thanksgiving at Grandma and Pop Pop's with all the fix-ins and then went swimming at the hotel afterward.

We had more fun in the Keys some even were able to go on a boat ride. Saturday before we left for the next part of our vacation we celebrated an early Christmas.

 Then we were off to Orlando.

To see more of Pop Pop and his boat check out this link:

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