Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Thoughts after the Election

So recently a friend said I need to BLOG, too funny I am in no way a writer and I think of myself as the worst grammar student who ever lived and the queen of typos. You know like Patricia Heaton in that "Mom's Night Out Movie" the christian one not the other one. :) All her texts were so hysterical from the typos and errors, you should watch it as a family it is a fun movie with great meaning.

So we wake up today a country divided once again. The House is Blue and the Senate is Red. What does this mean for me a mom who has to wake up and get kids on the bus in the morning, prepare my religion lesson for this afternoon and take my son to therapy and do more laundry and yes that is a daily chore here? What the election results tell me is we are a nation who needs to pray more and teach the next generation to pray, help others and work hard. How do we do that in this technology age?

We are in such a great danger at this point in time with a screen generation who does not know the value of hard work. Every kid wants to be the next YouTube star or the next one to be trending on Instagram. How in the world do we as parents balance the family, school and social media for our children? I know many of you think why are your kids doing these things, most of yours are too.

Yes, when I last posted (4 years ago) my kids were those perfect homeschoolers (not). We have graduated our oldest as a full all the way through homeschooler and now have sent everyone else to public school, I know the horrors, well not really. Everything including homeschooling has good and bad. Our schools have wonderful teachers who love and care for their students for the most part. They choose to teach in one of the lower paying counties in the area so they must like the job and location a lot, 8 miles down the road is a sizable pay increase, glad they choose to stay here. Some have to leave just to pay their bills and I miss them dearly. (you know who you are) So school here although not perfect I know some of you know the trials we have had. My children are not perfect and neither are the schools, we are all a work in progress.

So back to my thoughts on last night. Like St. Mother Theresa says it starts at home and like St. Therese the Little Flower says it's the little things. Teach your children to do the little things in life, help the lost child in the hall at school, help your little sibling get ready for bed, help your sister with math, put the shoes away so mom doesn't trip on them, we need to teach the little way to change the world in a big way. o as we start today off with a crazy political world, don't ignore the world, just teach your children to make it better.

Today as I prepare my CCD lesson on the 5th Commandment, "Thou shall not kill." I will teach them that helping a little may help a life and that making someones day is bringing them life. Bringing them joy and helping them "Rejoice in the Lord"

OK so I am not a great writer and I go off on tangents but I hope you enjoyed these thoughts fro today, at least in a little way.

Monday, March 3, 2014

What's your family motto

Back from my retreat and one of the gems I waked away with was you need a family motto. 

Well after batting a few things around I said to a friend, "We already have one." I guess I have always operated on this sentiment especially during hard times.  "It's His (God's) plan not mine I am just along for the ride." 

Just now in the kitchen today my husband and I were talking about our weekend events and at the Mass he attended Fr. Moretti suggested each family have a scripture passage that is theirs. My husband said well we already do,

“Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the road broad that leads to destruction, and those who enter through it are many. How narrow the gate and constricted the road that leads to life. And those who find it are few." Matthew 7:13-14

So we have our motto and our scripture verse already, now to get the laundry in order and start planning those meals so we can find peace in our world. I am betting it takes a little more than that but I am willing to start in that direction.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Don't Wait - Do Something

Many people continue to discuss the Boy Scout issue of the day, but what have you done to voice your opinion and influence the vote.

Some times our little bubble is comfortable and staying in it is wonderful but then other times we need to take action. So as the powers that be prepare to vote you need to find an avenue and put in your two cents. I have always been a believer in stop complaining and do something to make it better.

Nothing in this world irritates me as much as someone who continues to complain about things and does nothing to change the situation. If you think I am referring to you, maybe I am. Yes, I know prayer is a great tool but action is also needed. So, get on the internet and start searching for ways you can get your voice heard. Below are a couple of links but don't stop there, find more on your own and let me others know. I know you are busy, well guess what so am I.

Our world is changing and the only way to influence it is with action, so stop sitting around discussing and complaining and do something.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Saying Good Bye

OK my friends from elsewhere may not understand this as much as my area friends. I vow here and now no getting close to military friends anymore. (OK I am not serious) However, I am faced with again this year as military transfer time comes saying good bye to good friends.
Two years ago I met these two wonderful women and their families in the vestibule at Mass, a typical move by Fr. Peffley of introducing us in the vestibule, hey Father this one actually stuck. They are both Coast Guard and families and both have 6 wonderful children. We have spent two years getting to know each other through church, scouts, homeschooling and life and now they are heading out. 

I am told by Reesa that it just means we have a place to visit. So my daughter is already mapping our trip to Southern California and then up to Sitka, Alaska. I know it is a pipe dream that we would do that but you never know and it is a great homeschool geography lesson. I am told she is losing her two best friends and I have reassured her they will still be her special friends she will just have to start writing letters. 

So for a second year in a row I say see you for now to some great friends. Living in an area that is so driven my the military is always difficult and yes this will most likely happen again but I can tell you our lives are so much better off having had these people here with us. Now we have friends to visit or plan trips to get together with somewhere out there. How about we meet in the middle somewhere?

So this week we will try and eek out a few last visits and then it will be e-mails, blog and phone calls. 

To be cliche it is only see you some day again and not good bye. 

May God Bless your families in your travels and keep you safe. Thank you for your husbands for serving. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday #4

Happy Birthday to my Awesome 9 year old.

 Note the lovely floral gift bag.

And for his birthday he gets a Kindle and a word game. Just don't tell they are both actually educational. He  got back some of the Legos which were "put away" by mommy last week since they were not cleaned up. He also received about 4 or so inches of perfect snow, not to light not to wet.

The view from our front porch

Our Home

Our Apple Trees

Our Backyard

Note - the horses are not ours we just get to see them everyday without having to care for them. The little girls named our house when we were looking at it "The Horsey House".  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy St. Joseph's Day

Happy St. Joseph's Day. Started with wonderful breakfast with the girls, thank you Kate Downes and Rebecca Hall. Then lunch with friends (Reesa Barklage and Lisa Melnick) for Traditional Italian followed by outside time on this awesome March Day before the March winds began to blow. Now for a movie with the kids before I send them to bed early.

 Getting ready for Mass
 Working on her math skills, typical Eriskon, it is her favorite game.
Bananas for the first time

That is the sugar coated version. Leaving out that I woke up early to clean the kitchen run a broom over the floors and straighten up a bit before breakfast.  After breakfast the shouting to get into the car followed by the this is my seat fight. Lunch was fun but a bit crazy with 17 children and 3 moms. Sorry to the church staff at the other table I am sure the noise level went down after we left. On the way home we had a 10 year old melt down, apparently I "never" let her have time with her friends. Let's not leave out the pulling over and sitting on the side of the road refusing to move until everyone gets in their seats and buckles their seat belts, 15 minutes of my life I would like back. Here comes the next shoe to drop. The trash, I told the 12 year old no less than 3 times yesterday to take the can to the curb, yes you guessed it no can to the curb. The 12 year old was sentenced to empty the can into large trash bags so it could be transported to the dump. Once he gets all of it done and the 10 year old has finished her punishment for the meltdown of cleaning out the car. He puts all the trash in the car to take to the dump and by the time we get there, yes you know it the dump is closed. Shortened hours on Tuesday and Wednesday, I will remember for now on I guess. So went to the Amish furniture store to shop for a table big enough for our family, ouch sticker shock. Now we sit here in the calm, I am jinxing myself, watching Alice in Wonderland the original Disney. So when I say an early bed time it is because mommy is exhausted because during all this I also started packing up the winter duds and cleaning the back porch.

Yes I signed up for it and when I think about it I will remember the top paragraph and know that most likely the kids will too. Hope everyone else enjoyed this beautiful day. Back to Lent tomorrow and preparation for Holy Week and Easter.