Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Florida 2012 - Post 3

Off to Orlando. Even though we are in the same state it is still a 6 hour drive from Mom and Dads to Orlando. We attempted a visit on our way with Linda McGuire but unfortunately due to traffic and scheduling conflicts we had a very brief bathroom break at her home before we hit Alligator Alley. The kids were able to see the industry of Florida as we went through the fields of sugar followed by the fields of oranges.


We arrived in Orlando and were excited to see across from our resort there was a new Catholic Parish so we had a very short trip on Sunday morning for Mass. We attended a small Catholic Parish, St. Faustina's who is saving money to build so they are in temporary quarters in a strip mall. Matthew was able to serve Mass and we even met a family from the area who had 7 children. Always great to meet other families and the parish was so welcoming to our large family.

On Sunday we took it easy and hung out at the resort. The older kids entered into a Wii competition at the club house and we were able to swim in the heated pool. We were joined on Sunday by two friends who were brave enough to vacation with out family.
Ready to hit the Animal Kingdom

On Monday we headed to Animal Kingdom and hit the Safari ride right away.

We had a great day at the park and celebrated our friends birthday.

It's Tough to be a Bug!
Thank you to Traith who came and stayed with the kids so we could have a nice dinner out that evening to top off the birthday.

The next day we went t the Magic Kingdom and had a wonderful surprise to see the new section of the park open. This was an early soft opening before the big Grand Opening in two weeks, yeah for good timing.

We had our character breakfast back at out favorite spot this trip at the Polynesian. The kids get to go on parade with the characters and mommy does not have to deal with a buffet, we love the family style service. I recommend this wonderful breakfast to anyone heading to Disney.

 We took Wednesday off from the parks and took time to play a little mini golf and hit the pool again.

Thursday was Epcot. We started early and had a great day. Talked to Crush at the Living Seas and the kids loved the flume ride at Norway. Of course Soarin' was a highlight, we even got Maureen, my little fraidy cat, on that one.

Friday was a shopping day for mommy and the four little ones and daddy and the four big ones hit Disney Quest. For those who don;t know it is an arcade on steroids. The kids had a blast. The little guys and I went to the Lego store, and did a little work for Santa.

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