Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Third Birthday!

Well yesterday M7 turned three. We usually do very small scale on the birthdays around here however this one we went all out. M7 was so excited to turn three we had to do it up in three year old style. She started her day with a Minnie Mouse Balloon as big as she is, a special card from Grandma and a special pancake made by her oldest brother.

Then we were off to pick up her very special cup cakes made by Kelley Devlin of CakeDivas. Adorable Minnie Mouse cupcakes.

Now back home to have lunch and get the house ready for a couple of friends to join us for dinner and treats. We let the Birthday girl pick two families to invite because you know in our world that means about 20 kids, plus of course Laura and Jack and Mrs. Leary.

The kids had an awesome time playing inside and outside and apparently scarring or being scared by the local inhabitants of the yard. The first story came back as a bear and throughout the night changed and it was eventually decided they wither saw a fox or a skunk. I get a kick out of the reports and drama. Loving that we have the yard to play in like this.

The birthday girl loved blowing out her candle, and yes that is a candle from the advent wreath I seem to have misplaced the birthday candles.
She them took her time enjoying her cake before announcing she was ready for gifts. She loved every thing she received and had so much fun opening and then for the next few hours changing between the outfits he received until she finally decided to bed down on my floor with her new bedding wearing her new dress.

This morning she woke up and wanted to dive right back into everything insisting on eating cereal and a sandwich so she could use all the pieces of her new princess dishes.

Ohh, to be three.

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