Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Slowly getting back to the real world

We are slowly getting back into a schedule.  M1 and M3 are in the school room doing work, M4 is doing math on the computer, M2 is doing work and standing watch as our laundry dries at a friends house (dryer is out), M6 is showing me all her letters on the dry erase. Now where is that M5 he needs to get hos reading done. M7 is wandering about and M8 is sleeping.

As we begin 2013 we are of course looking at ways to improve our daily schedule and keep a somewhat orderly house in this crazy world. We have started the year with clean bedrooms, clean living areas and a clean playroom. Now to keep us that way will be the trick.

We have a daily goal of de-clutter something. Hopefully we will meet it.

Well anyway this was a quickie.


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