Monday, November 12, 2012

The Unseen Devastation

It is not just about losing power. Many of these people who lost so much are continuing to lose. NJ is my home state and most of you know I am a Jersey Girl. This weekend we went to NJ for a wedding in Hoboken. We got to experience some of the effects. The Nuptial Mass was in a beautiful old church, St. Ann's. ( St. Ann's parish is over 100 years old and the church building about 90. The electricity was back but the basement filled with water during the storm so the boilers have been destroyed. This beautiful old church was very cold inside not able to be heated. Rich was unable to attend the Mass because there was no parking because they are filling lots with the cars that have been destroyed. Some streets are nearly impassable. These are old cities that have never seen such devastation.

Although power is slowly coming back to many in NJ and NY the heat is not. Then there are those who have lost their homes. We hear about Seaside and other "famous" shore points but what about Sayreville, Hazlet, Union Beach and my parents hometown of Laurence Harbor. These areas are decimated and the home to so many working class people. I have received requests from for friends who are in great need because there homes are being demolished because they have been condemned. A high school friend is currently trying to save what he can before they plow over his home tomorrow.

Sandy Aftermath in Sayreville, Laurence Harbor and Sea Bright  11-10-2012

Now the unseen, many people have no job to go to anymore, or are unable to get to their jobs because their cars have been destroyed. Then there are the business owners. You want to be able to pay your people who could not get in but you don't know how you will keep your business afloat. The economic implications are devastating and will effect us all. If you lost a week or two worth of income would you be able to pay all your bills. Worse than that you are still on the hook for a mortgage and you don't have a home.

But you go to NJ and NY and they are not sitting around waiting to be helped or for the government to do it all. These are hard working people who will help their neighbors and themselves. Don't stand in their way they are going to rebuild but it will take some time. So keep them in your prayers.

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