Friday, November 9, 2012

Tightening the Purse Strrings

I know this is something that should be done all the time but now it is more important than ever. So this week I decided on Wednesday that I would go shopping at the Salvation Army, remember the day it is important for the story. I have gone there before but not very often. I chose Wednesday because 6 of the 8 kids would be at co-op and I would only have my 2 little girls with me. I needed jeans for my 8 year old son who only owns jeans that have no knees. Being third in line after a brother who is touch on his jeans is not easy. So of we went to the "Boutique" as my Grandma would call it.

I dropped all the others off, then headed over. Then I went to pull in the parking lot. Oh my goodness! There were no spaces in the front lot and then it occurred to me Wednesday is 25% off everything day, a good thing but it makes it a little more crowded. I then  went to the back parking lot and was able to get one of the few available spaces. Wow people really like the 25% off. I then went in side and after making my way with my double stroller to the kids area realized, wow there are a lot of children here. Revelation #2 there was no elementary school in the county that day, ugh. So if you know me I do anything to avoid crowds so this is tough for me.

I spent the next hour looking at clothing for the kids. Unfortunately not one pair of boys jeans left for my 8 year old but the girls made out great. I scored several Gymboree and other name brand sweaters and shirts. For my Maggie I was able to get two pairs of pants, one Lands End and the other what I am told is a high end name brand "77." Both in amazing shape. There were several sleepers for the baby.I was also able to buy dress shoes for the boys for $6 and I picked up a sweater and light jacket for myself. In all I bought 15 pieces of clothing for $29.

 Maggie is here in her new outfit, layered shirts and the Lands End pants the entire outfit under $5.

The two goals of the trip were not met so my son gets new jeans from the store and the baby an outfit for the wedding we are attending this weekend. I figure if I shop there occasionally it will help the family bottom line. I also need to add the House of Mercy to our list of places to check out but this week I ran out of time while doing my errands.

Today I am off to the grocery store and as some of you know when I am in the groove I can really get into the coupon game. I have not been in full coupon mode in a while but am working my way back to that. Today I will buy a turkey at Giant so I can get my Shell gas points, they will match the lowest advertised price on anything, they are giving 30 cents a gallon off of gas for the purchase of a turkey. That will be close to $8 in savings at the pump.

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