Friday, November 9, 2012

Sewing Project Complete

My lovely little 3 year old does not like wearing her seat belt. She hates the shoulder belt. I am always looking back to see that she has put the shoulder portion behind her. So I have decided to make her a seat belt pillow. Of course this is not an original thought I found several versions on-line and decided to craft one form the different styles I saw. I used a comfy flannel fabric.
A nice pink and a cute coordinating butterfly print.

 Once I dug out the sewing basket I cut the fabric into two strips about 6 X 26 inches, one in each fabric.

I then dug into the ribbon, yes I have plenty of ribbon in this house, I am still making my own bows when I can get the girls to wear them. I cut 6 pieces about 9 inches each I am going to use these to tie the pillow to the seat belt.

OK important to remember because this picture is deceptive. You want to put the right sides together and tuck the ribbon inside so when you flip it you have the length of ribbon on the outside of the pillow. Once you pin it you sew around three sides flip it and then fill with pillow stuffing. I used an entire 8 ounce bag. Then close the open end and sew it up to close the entire pillow.

Finished Pillow
This is our finished pillow waiting for its new owner. We will get to break it in on our trip to NJ tomorrow. Hopefully she will enjoy her pillow and this will make our 20 hours to Grandmas for Thanksgiving easier on her. If all goes well this weekend I think I may be making several over the next week for all the kids. I think I may even be making one for Mommy and Daddy when they are not driving.

Stay tuned for an update to see how it went.

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