Sunday, April 7, 2013

Saying Good Bye

OK my friends from elsewhere may not understand this as much as my area friends. I vow here and now no getting close to military friends anymore. (OK I am not serious) However, I am faced with again this year as military transfer time comes saying good bye to good friends.
Two years ago I met these two wonderful women and their families in the vestibule at Mass, a typical move by Fr. Peffley of introducing us in the vestibule, hey Father this one actually stuck. They are both Coast Guard and families and both have 6 wonderful children. We have spent two years getting to know each other through church, scouts, homeschooling and life and now they are heading out. 

I am told by Reesa that it just means we have a place to visit. So my daughter is already mapping our trip to Southern California and then up to Sitka, Alaska. I know it is a pipe dream that we would do that but you never know and it is a great homeschool geography lesson. I am told she is losing her two best friends and I have reassured her they will still be her special friends she will just have to start writing letters. 

So for a second year in a row I say see you for now to some great friends. Living in an area that is so driven my the military is always difficult and yes this will most likely happen again but I can tell you our lives are so much better off having had these people here with us. Now we have friends to visit or plan trips to get together with somewhere out there. How about we meet in the middle somewhere?

So this week we will try and eek out a few last visits and then it will be e-mails, blog and phone calls. 

To be cliche it is only see you some day again and not good bye. 

May God Bless your families in your travels and keep you safe. Thank you for your husbands for serving. 

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  1. Thank you so much and I will miss you too. You guys were the best thing that happened to us here...all these amazing families !!