Thursday, July 9, 2020

To return to school or not

So I have been thinking, there are many sides to this issue. I really want my kids to go back to school, and they need to learn. Their mental health is essential, and they need to be educated. Some do not do well at all on virtual learning. I am an educator I could teach them at home but not with your curriculum, sorry it is not built for teaching multiple levels at the same time, 6 levels in this house.

I am a teacher. I want to be back in the classroom with my students, I miss my students. However, I want us all to be safe when we do it. Teaching in a mask to students who can not see your expression is a terrible idea, will a face shield be acceptable instead of a mask? I have also seen the matrix where if one person is sick, then everyone they have contact with gets quarantined for 14 days. How do I isolate from my family of 10, or have I exposed them, so they are quarantined along with me? Does it extend to all of their classes are quarantined? Now we look like the screen on that old shampoo commercial, and I told 2 friends.

What is reasonable here, we need to figure out what is best for everyone and not alienate or belittle anyone who has concerns on either side. Yes, our president said we need to get back to school because he and the American Pediatric Association are concerned about the health and safety of children not because he is evil, so stop that dialogue. In the end, education is controlled on a local level in some areas by a tiny burg and in some areas by a county but not by Washington.

Oh, and then there is the question of maybe the media should stop interpreting information for us and let us think. I watch different "channels" for my news and am amazed at the different information I am receiving, all should be embarrassed by the slants they are giving.

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