Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Thoughts after the Election

So recently a friend said I need to BLOG, too funny I am in no way a writer and I think of myself as the worst grammar student who ever lived and the queen of typos. You know like Patricia Heaton in that "Mom's Night Out Movie" the christian one not the other one. :) All her texts were so hysterical from the typos and errors, you should watch it as a family it is a fun movie with great meaning.

So we wake up today a country divided once again. The House is Blue and the Senate is Red. What does this mean for me a mom who has to wake up and get kids on the bus in the morning, prepare my religion lesson for this afternoon and take my son to therapy and do more laundry and yes that is a daily chore here? What the election results tell me is we are a nation who needs to pray more and teach the next generation to pray, help others and work hard. How do we do that in this technology age?

We are in such a great danger at this point in time with a screen generation who does not know the value of hard work. Every kid wants to be the next YouTube star or the next one to be trending on Instagram. How in the world do we as parents balance the family, school and social media for our children? I know many of you think why are your kids doing these things, most of yours are too.

Yes, when I last posted (4 years ago) my kids were those perfect homeschoolers (not). We have graduated our oldest as a full all the way through homeschooler and now have sent everyone else to public school, I know the horrors, well not really. Everything including homeschooling has good and bad. Our schools have wonderful teachers who love and care for their students for the most part. They choose to teach in one of the lower paying counties in the area so they must like the job and location a lot, 8 miles down the road is a sizable pay increase, glad they choose to stay here. Some have to leave just to pay their bills and I miss them dearly. (you know who you are) So school here although not perfect I know some of you know the trials we have had. My children are not perfect and neither are the schools, we are all a work in progress.

So back to my thoughts on last night. Like St. Mother Theresa says it starts at home and like St. Therese the Little Flower says it's the little things. Teach your children to do the little things in life, help the lost child in the hall at school, help your little sibling get ready for bed, help your sister with math, put the shoes away so mom doesn't trip on them, we need to teach the little way to change the world in a big way. o as we start today off with a crazy political world, don't ignore the world, just teach your children to make it better.

Today as I prepare my CCD lesson on the 5th Commandment, "Thou shall not kill." I will teach them that helping a little may help a life and that making someones day is bringing them life. Bringing them joy and helping them "Rejoice in the Lord"

OK so I am not a great writer and I go off on tangents but I hope you enjoyed these thoughts fro today, at least in a little way.