Friday, May 3, 2013

Don't Wait - Do Something

Many people continue to discuss the Boy Scout issue of the day, but what have you done to voice your opinion and influence the vote.

Some times our little bubble is comfortable and staying in it is wonderful but then other times we need to take action. So as the powers that be prepare to vote you need to find an avenue and put in your two cents. I have always been a believer in stop complaining and do something to make it better.

Nothing in this world irritates me as much as someone who continues to complain about things and does nothing to change the situation. If you think I am referring to you, maybe I am. Yes, I know prayer is a great tool but action is also needed. So, get on the internet and start searching for ways you can get your voice heard. Below are a couple of links but don't stop there, find more on your own and let me others know. I know you are busy, well guess what so am I.

Our world is changing and the only way to influence it is with action, so stop sitting around discussing and complaining and do something.