Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Unschooling Meeting

This morning we deviated our usual morning coffee for a discussion on "Unschooling". A fellow home education mom has been reading up on the subject and thought a discussion would be interesting. We had 8 moms join us and had a wonderful discussion, moving it up an hour helped. We launched our discussion with the help of a book "A Little Way of Homeschooling:" by Susie Andres. There were some great points made and it was wonderful to have the insight and knowledge from all of these moms. Hearing the different perspectives from one another and their experiences helps each of us.

The journey of a family that has decided to take on the amazing job of educating and learning alongside their children is one that needs the support of others. So many times in these discussions you hear how these families are isolated from their extended families. Having this knowledge we know that the friendship and support from the other moms is so very important for us to carry out our vocations as SAHM and Educator.

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