Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy St. Joseph's Day

Happy St. Joseph's Day. Started with wonderful breakfast with the girls, thank you Kate Downes and Rebecca Hall. Then lunch with friends (Reesa Barklage and Lisa Melnick) for Traditional Italian followed by outside time on this awesome March Day before the March winds began to blow. Now for a movie with the kids before I send them to bed early.

 Getting ready for Mass
 Working on her math skills, typical Eriskon, it is her favorite game.
Bananas for the first time

That is the sugar coated version. Leaving out that I woke up early to clean the kitchen run a broom over the floors and straighten up a bit before breakfast.  After breakfast the shouting to get into the car followed by the this is my seat fight. Lunch was fun but a bit crazy with 17 children and 3 moms. Sorry to the church staff at the other table I am sure the noise level went down after we left. On the way home we had a 10 year old melt down, apparently I "never" let her have time with her friends. Let's not leave out the pulling over and sitting on the side of the road refusing to move until everyone gets in their seats and buckles their seat belts, 15 minutes of my life I would like back. Here comes the next shoe to drop. The trash, I told the 12 year old no less than 3 times yesterday to take the can to the curb, yes you guessed it no can to the curb. The 12 year old was sentenced to empty the can into large trash bags so it could be transported to the dump. Once he gets all of it done and the 10 year old has finished her punishment for the meltdown of cleaning out the car. He puts all the trash in the car to take to the dump and by the time we get there, yes you know it the dump is closed. Shortened hours on Tuesday and Wednesday, I will remember for now on I guess. So went to the Amish furniture store to shop for a table big enough for our family, ouch sticker shock. Now we sit here in the calm, I am jinxing myself, watching Alice in Wonderland the original Disney. So when I say an early bed time it is because mommy is exhausted because during all this I also started packing up the winter duds and cleaning the back porch.

Yes I signed up for it and when I think about it I will remember the top paragraph and know that most likely the kids will too. Hope everyone else enjoyed this beautiful day. Back to Lent tomorrow and preparation for Holy Week and Easter.

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  1. I have to stop reading your blog, Geraldine-- you make me feel so inadequate.