Friday, February 8, 2013

The Boy Scout Decision

As many of you have talked about this week and watched unfold on the news the Boy Scouts are exploring changing a policy they have had for 103 years. When all was said and done Wednesday morning came and went and they tabled their decision until May. There has been much speculation regarding the tabling of the discussion and why they may have done it. So here is my take.

Yes, many people weighed in on either side of the issue and on Tuesday we were told we even shut down their phone lines. I guess they didn't obtain a proper phone bank to handle the volume of calls. Maybe you should have used some of that fat salary you give to the CEO to manage your phones properly. Well I digress. Here is my theory. Currently we are in what is referred to as rechartering month in Boy Scouts. From what I understand we pay our dues and each Troop sends their dues to the powers that be. In the next 30 to 60 days most scouts will also be committing about $250 to $350 per scout to camp. So here is my theory. They realized the potential impact and decided if we re-charter first that we will be less likely to pull out  if the decision goes in a direction that displeases us, what parent would take camp away from their child when they are this far into the process. I know you may think I am a skeptic well I think I am a realist and every decision is calculated.

So here is my suggestion. We fill out our re-charter papers and our camp papers and send copies of bank statements showing we have the funds at the ready. Once the decision is made and we can decide if this is an organization we still want to be affiliated with then we will send them the funds, if every troop does this we can make an impact. Although I want to stand behind this organization I am not a fool and I want to show them that we are not foolish and lemmings who will just follow no matter what they decide. I have been told by friends we need to stand firm and make our changes from within. I am all for that and I think this would be the first step toward that.

So there is my two cents on the subject.

Mark off to his first Scout Camping Trip

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