Monday, February 18, 2013

Back to the drawing board.

After spending the last few months in an organizational fog I think we are getting back on track. Last night I made my meal plan for the week, first time in a while. Recently it has just been open the refrigerator and go with what we have.

So this week here is the plan:

Monday -- Spaghetti Pie
Tuesday -- Chicken Enchiladas
Wednesday -- Crock Pot Stew
Thursday -- Chicken Cordon Bleu
Friday -- Zesty Ravioli
Saturday -- Leftovers

We will see how it goes when we get to Friday. I used the All Recipes tool for meal planning. When you drag your recipe into the week it gives you a shopping list. I was able to go through the list highlight what we don't have and now I just need to pick up a few items to complete the week.

Next week we will add breakfast and see if we can really have a healthy eating week. Lunch around here is pretty simple PBJ, ham, tuna or mac and cheese.

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  1. Good job Geraldine! I haven't tried that tool. tks for the tip.